Medical Research has discovered Root Cause of Radical Islam

Medical Research has discovered Root Cause of Radical Islam

Radical Islam Syndrome

The recent attacks in Brussels that killed at least 31 people has left many in Europe and the U.S. once again bewildered about the root cause of Radical Islamists violent outbursts towards the innocent peace loving cultures found in Western capitals.

Researchers in the medical and scientific community now believe they may have identified the causes. Medical researchers believe they have isolated causes of this violent behavior and the symptoms have a patterned response to what has been identified as a psychological disorder, Radical Islam Syndrome or RIS.

Researchers have after extensive tests determined there is a correlation between aggressive violent, behavior from people who are experiencing symptoms similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is the result of constant and repeated bombings from Western and Israeli attacks.

Scientists believe another cause for Radical Islam Syndrome could be exposure to microbes which are released when schools, hospitals, people are blown up and exposure to dust when their homes are plowed under or blown up. RIS can be triggered by traumatic experiences – such as seeing a child or members of their family blown-up. Medical advisors confirm that this type of traumatic shock could trigger episodes of RIS that often leaves the afflicted with a feeling of hopelessness, despair and wanting lash out towards those who killed their family.

According to the medical research it is not uncommon for people who suffer from advanced RIS in a delusional state to scream about how the West is responsible for an supplying arms, intelligence, military support for violence that has killed millions of people in the Middle East in many different countries.” Often they will babble on incoherently about U.S. support for the Israeli Apartheid occupation, settlements and cruel treatment of Palestine, denying human rights, destabilizing regimes, initiating coups, regime change, oil driven policies, support for dictators, imprisonment, torture, sanctions, and a thirty-five years barrage of the American Wars for the Greater Middle East.”

When questioned if it was possible that Radical Islam Syndrome is actually just a reaction to adverse conditions not dissimilar to how those in the West would respond. “This would infer RIS would be rational and not viewed as psychological disorder.” Dr. John Cary leader of the research team responded, “I am a scientist and I believe that we should lets facts lead the research. At this time we have no data that would support that assertion.”

Dr. Cary did offer a precaution that a possible solution to controlling future outbreaks and limiting the spread of RIS would be to immediately ban all military and civilian travel, sending weapons, money to the Middle East. Dr. Cary suggested the West just forget about Middle East and stay away.