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If you don’t get it – you won’t get it

Welcome and thank you for visiting Elsewhere in the News,  an alternative news source that presents different international perspectives that are seldom reported in U.S. media. You don’t have to agree with what you read but you should at least be informed.

The limitations of U.S. news are well known. These limitations are the result of political bias, fear of recrimination or losing access to the powerful, laziness, short attention spans, need for ratings or a simple lack of knowledge. News organizations are often subservient when reporting about critical events and people. Elsewhere in the News brings you useful information, perspectives, news and views from around the world that are under-reported or simply not reported in the U.S. media. We broaden your exposure and understanding. Elsewhere in the News’s coverage will often run contrary to the “accepted” U.S. narrative and that enables serious readers to learn more about events by understanding the perspectives of others.