Intercept: 'US Special Forces in Afghanistan killed pregnant women, removed bullets'

Intercept: ‘US Special Forces in Afghanistan killed pregnant women, removed bullets’

US killings of civilians near Gardez, Afghanistan is an extraordinary case of a cover-up which goes far beyond what happened with the bombing of the MSF hospital, says Gareth Porter, an investigative journalist on US national security policy.

The Pentagon has released the findings of an investigation into a night raid in Afghanistan that led to the deaths of several civilians.

The report concluded that US soldiers used an appropriate level of force, although that finding is wrought with doubt.

Documents, revealing details of the raid in Afghanistan, were obtained and published by The Intercept website.

RT: You are familiar with the documents relating to the raid. Could you tell us more about their content and whether they support the Pentagon’s conclusions?

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Gareth Porter: I was in fact requesting exactly the same documents and got them at the same time as the Intercept got them. These are, at least what is available from the US military about the investigation that was ordered by General Stanley McChrystal, who was then in charge of US troops in Afghanistan, to try to save the reputation of the Special Operations forces in Afghanistan which were under extreme fire because the story had come out about the killings in Gardez by the Special Forces, including the murder of three women, two of them were pregnant, and of the cover-up of the killings by the Special Forces in their report to the US military command.  Read more…