US support for Israel crimes, embarrassing: Activist

US support for Israel crimes, embarrassing: Activist

Press TV has conducted an interview with Soheil al-Natour, Palestinian activist from Beirut, about US Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren defending Israel’s bombings against the Palestinian people during the latest war in the besieged Gaza Strip.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: It is not just Elizabeth Warren but various US officials have expressed support for the Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip. This is while many rights bodies and most countries around the world consider these attacks as war crimes.

How do you explain the discrepancy between these two views points?

Al-Natour: After what happened and it was clear for all the world that the Israelis are committing crimes against humanity and war crimes, it is very embarrassing to the Zionist lobby in the USA how to interpret their support for Israel continuously.

You remember that during the war the Israelis were promised by the Americans to send a lot of weapons and ammunition to continue their attacks, their barrack attacks on Gaza but it seems that also the photos of the crimes at least paralyzes a little bit the delivery of these things.

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