Washington left behind as world becomes multipolar

Washington left behind as world becomes multipolar

While Washington clings to its Cold War mind-set and global strategy, the world is moving on. The BRICS summit just held in Brazil marks a new phase on the road to an updated international system.

The Fortaleza Declaration issued by BRICS participants continues the line of the Delhi Declaration issued by participants at the fourth BRICS summit in 2012. The new declaration contains significant concrete measures, such as the new development bank to promote global development in an emerging multipolar context.

Such creative thinking, focusing on peace and development, contrasts markedly with US policy and Washington’s quixotic and counterproductive design to perpetuate US hegemony for the next century.

The foreign policy elite in the US is stuck in the past. The mind-set of the dominant elite reflects a simplistic narrative which begins in 1945. In this view, the US won WWII, created the postwar world, and rightly became the global sheriff.

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